Everything you need to know about root canal treatment

Best Root canal Treatment in Bangalore

What is Root Canal Treatment

Nowadays, tooth decay has become one of the common dental problems. The major reason for this problem is the lack of dental hygiene and irregular dental check-ups. Due to continuous exposure to the plaque and bacterial acids, the enamel of the tooth softens and gets damaged. Root canal treatment is an ideal solution for this damage and keeps the tooth alignment. Before referring to the best root canal dentist in Bangalore, it is important to know the symptoms of tooth decay. 

Causes of the Tooth Decay

Having pain while biting the food, increased tooth sensitivity, hole on the tooth, toothache, etc are the common symptoms of dental decay. These problems occur due to the excessive consumption of sugary foods, dry mouth, the formation of dental plaque and many other reasons. Therefore, it is essential to visit the dentist at least once in six months for the check-up. If you observe any of the symptoms, it is advisable to visit a dentist before it’s too late. 

Procedure Followed for Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a procedure that provides relief from the inflammation, infection of the root and dental pain. This procedure prevents the need for dental implants, bridges, or dental extractions. The number of visits to dentists for this procedure depends on the condition of the infected tooth. To start the procedure, first, the dentists give the local anesthesia to the patient to numb the infected area. 

After that, the dentists place a rubber dam around the infected area to keep the bacteria away. To access the tooth canal, the dentists create a hole in the tooth. Once they reach the damaged area, they clear out the pulp and clean the canal thoroughly. For cleaning root canals, the dentists use specially shaped files. After disinfecting the root canals, the dentists fill and seal the hole created for the treatment with the filling.  

Root Canal Treatment After Care Tips

  • To prevent further infection, it is important to take the prescribed antibiotics.
  • In case you are having severe pain, consult your dentist immediately. 
  • Do not put much pressure on that side of your where you had the procedure.
  • Avoid the chewy, hard or crunchy food items after the procedure. 
  • Follow proper dental hygiene habits and clean your tooth as well as gums regularly after having the procedure. 

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