Dental Implants


Dental Implant give you strong base for permanent or removable prosthesis (i.e. replacement of teeth) that are constructed to go with your natural teeth.
They are made up of biologically inactive Titanium (in pure form)or Titanium alloys, which is easily adopt by the human body and in these implantation; implants get fuse with the jawbone to establish a secure base for the tooth replacement.

Dental implants

Type of Dental Implants:

In our dental clinic we have two basic types of implants. In some cases, conventional or immediate implants may be used along with immediate fill up of crown and bridges called as immediately loaded implants.

  1. Conventional Implants

  • Almost for everyone, conventional implants are applicable those who are looking to replace one, multiple, all missing teeth to permanent fixing result.
  • It can be done in two stages with two visits which are about 3-6 months apart.
  • It may be done for the majority of bone conditions. In case of moderate or severe jaw bone loss, bone grafting is suggested before dental implantation.
  1. Immediate Implants

  • It is also known as same day or one day implants.
  • In case once the teeth are removed, dental implants are placed during the same time. Depending upon on whether immediate loaded implants may be done; crown, bridge, denture may or may not be placed.
  • It is suggested normally for those cases which have good jaw bone situation.
  1. Immediate loaded implants

  • In this implant long lasting or short lived crowns, bridges or dentures are planted during the same visit after the dental implant posts is embedded in jaws.
  • This type of implants may be followed after conventional implants or immediate implants.
  • This type of implants is normally recommended only the cases that have good jaw bone condition.

Dental implants cases

Depending upon the patient’s requirement and their normal dental condition, Dental Implants are chosen. To determine the best-suited options we must have to go through the panoramic X-ray and/or CT scan which usually evaluates the amount of bone, determine the available space, and provide a thorough examination to diagnose.

In the market, various dental implants are available. Among various dental implants, two major popular implant systems are- Nobel Biocare Implants systems and Alpha Bio Implant system.

Both of the companies have had well-established histories in the area of production of Dental Implants and have their own scale of rules.

Benefits of dental implants

It will explain your better s.e.l.f. (i.e. you can speak in a better way, eat in a better way, it will look better on you, and after that, you will feel better)

  • Improve your standard of life and brings confidence
  • For any normal bridge, no need to trim or crop your adjoining teeth.
  • Enhance articulation as compared with dentures
  • Provide comfort with respect to removable dentures
  • Check additional loss of teeth and bone support
  • Gives you younger, natural appearance
  • Provide better oral health
  • The durability of implants is high and have expected life is of many more years replacement of the lost tooth
  • No falling, sliding clicking dentures or concern about your dentures bug out in embarrassing situations
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Dental Implant surgery procedure

The dentist does an evaluation using X-rays and scans to ensure there is no bone loss. If there is too much damage or bone loss, the doctor uses bone grafts.

The first step is to place an implant. The doctor drills a hole into your gum and exposes the bone. They insert a metal post in the bone after which the jaw bone fuses with the implant providing a strong base for the new tooth. This might take several weeks.

After the Implant post is fused to the bone, the doctor will attach an abutment to the implant by reopening the gum. This being a minor outpatient procedure, is done by administering local anesthesia.

After this step, you can choose the type of artificial tooth i.e., removable or fixed. The crown is fixed only when your jaw is healed and can support the new tooth.

This procedure can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

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Post-Operative care

Swelling and pain may persist until the jaw healed,
Minor bleeding and bruising may be seen near the implant.
The Doctor will prescribe antibiotics and painkillers and they should be taken as prescribed.
The Patient should commit to proper hygiene during and after the procedure
Once you heal, It will explain your better ‘self’ i.e., you can Speak in a better way, Eat better, it will Look better on you, and after the procedure, you will Feel better.


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