Orthodontic Corrections

Orthodontic Corrections

This is the straightening of teeth. There are several types of braces available to straighten teeth and also to expand the jaws. They are used to correct crooked teeth,overlapping ,protruding, rotated and intruded teeth.  Ceramic brackets are available for better esthetics. Latest INVIS ALIGHN  IS  also available.Lingual orthodontics is also done in some cases.

Analyse The Processes Of Orthodontic Corrections

An orthodontist has the ability to carry out various treatment procedures to aim at certain results. The main agenda of the orthodontic corrections are:

  • Improvement of speech and chewing ability
  • Strengthen the crooked teeth
  • Closing up the wide teeth gaps
  • Treatment of improper bite
  • Enhancing the overall health of teeth and gums
Take Help From An Experienced Orthodontist

In case you are suffering from certain dental issues and want to consult an orthodontist, you must contact Dr. Supriya Rai's clinic. Here we provide all kinds of treatment options for orthodontic corrections. It is our utmost concern to ensure that each and every patient is diagnosed properly and treated with the utmost care. We would always assist you during all kinds of dental care procedures.

Orthodontic Corrections ,Dental Braces in Bangalore


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